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Inbound Logistics

With our Inbound Logistics capabilities, you can prioritize orders and shipments to coordinate inventory and transportation. Our Inbound Logistics services cover all activities required to bring goods from a sourcing location to warehouse, a value-added storage facility, or product plant. This service include all the necessary management of these goods once they have arrived On-Site

Our comprehensive services include:

We manage supplier inbound shipment activities on behalf of our customers. Supplier management services may be combined with other inbound logistics services to provide vendor-managed inventory services.

We provide Order-Release management services to customers who require inbound shipment of goods to be controlled based on actual consumption of products or production schedules. Our order-release management services include call-off services, demand management and replenishment services and other similar services in which timed shipments of goods are required

INTIME FREIGHT Vendor-Managed Inventory services encourage efficient practices that result in lower inventory levels, less obsolescence, increased efficiency flexibility and predictability for vendors and end-customers

INTIME FREIGHT Inbound transport management services include the arrangement of shipping, air or land-based transport to move customer’s goods from remote destinations to local warehouses or operating facilities. INTIME FREIGHT Inbound transport services include most forwarding and “In-country” freight movements

We are many years of experience in cross-border trade. INTIME FREIGHT can provide you with all required services to move your goods across international borders. These services include customs document preparation and delivery, management of the actual clearance process, import document preparation e.t.c

We provide a wide range of warehousing services for various industries worldwide-either in multi-user or customer dedicated environment. Our Information Systems are based on a worldwide standard that, together with our Information Broker Integration Application, facilitates the seamless transfer of information. Our Warehouse and Inventory Management services ensure that all material entrusted to INTIME FREIGHT’s care is stored and managed in a safe, compliant, and professional manner.

Our production system is based on principles that include the focus on waste elimination in all aspects of the service delivery process, worker-environmental, management through visual controls, and dedication to total quality control.
INTIME FREIGHT has added to these foundation principles the additional principles of consistency in global operations, uniform measurement across all operations and respect for the environment to ensure that our customers always receive a uniformly high level of service.

INTIME FREIGHT Web-Based INTIME FREIGHT Login Information management system gives you full visibility of your inventory, whether in transit or storage, enabling you to monitor and control exactly where your goods or order are at any particular time.

Customer Service Management

Customer service management includes all On-Site help desk services, customer care centre operations, and field service support activities.

Vendor managed Inventory by INTIME FREIGHT supports the efficient flow of goods into your operations and into the market. Working closely with you and your suppliers, we automate the focus management process. Using Web-based software, we enable the flow of supply of supply to more accurately mirror store-and even shelf-level-demand. We provide focus visibility, comparing actual demand against inventory held in storage, and in-transit.

  • We can store and stage products for replenishment at our distribution centre (DCs), often freeing up your own DC space or limited store rooms.
  • We move your inventory in and out of our distribution centres and manage demand planning, using web-based applications
  • We provide forecast visibility, comparing actual demand against DC-on-hand, Store-On-Hand and In-Transit Inventory.
  • When DC Inventory falls below pre-determined levels, auto alerts are sent to you and your supplier to prompt replenishment
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) provide details on In-Transit Inventory from suppliers so you have visibility to inventory deeper into the supply chain. This allows confident commitment to orders based on this inbound flow.
  • Postpone inventory ownership until shipment to your site. Once your inventory is moved to the INTIME FREIGHT DC, we work with your suppliers to transition inventory ownership until demand occurs
  • Perform value-added services, allowing you to more efficiently manage the flow of goods into manufacturing or directly to market.

Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) enables the efficient processing of collection and return of goods for refurbishment. This range of service is designed to provide you with improved value, added flexibility and cost savings. Each RTP is tracked from supplier to retailer to INTIME FREIGHT, and back to the supplier. All data is analyzed through a web-based control system to identify slow-moving units or units in short supply. All operations can include automation and recycled packaging.

  • RTPs-Units are tracked from supplier to retailer to our DC and back to supplier allowing a repeated use and supply chain visibility. INTIME FREIGHT can also clean RTP by setting up dedicated washing centres
  • Refurbishment-Screening for faulty items, with no-fault-found items being cleaned, refurbished and repackaged as necessary, for return to stock.

INTIME FREIGHT Login, our web-based information management system gives you global visibility of inbound and outbound freight as well as the On-Site Inventory right across the supply chain, from source to final delivery.

Shipment Visibility by INTIME FREIGHT Login Shipment

We provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting systems, allowing you to track, trace and manage more efficiently-right down to the level of number and purchase order. This visibility enables you to make commitments to manufacturing or customer fulfillment centres, increasing your customer responsiveness. When combined with our IT-based supplier collaboration platform, you will be able to monitor every shipment movement worldwide. INTIME FREIGHT Login is secure and easy to use.

Inventory Visibility by INTIME FREIGHT Login Inventory

The INTIME FREIGHT Login Inventory visibility tool gives you multi-level visibility of inventory and orders within a warehouse or network of warehouses. Accessible through any leading web browser, INTIME FREIGHT Login Inventory Visibility is easy to use and always up-to-date. It is fully integrated with our underlying warehouse management system to provide both real-time, event driven and end of day, bulk updates. With INTIME FREIGHT Login Inventory Visibility you can search, view and assess your inventory position or, subject to rights, that of a wider trading group of clients or suppliers if working as part of a VMI agreement.
Access to inventory information is provided through a combination of targeted searches, progressive drill-downs and cross-navigations to related views. These broaden or focus the scope of the search whether in respect to inventory; orders, work-in-progress (WIP), Specific Serial Numbers or article related Transaction History. From the displayed results the user has the option to further interrogate the database or to cross-navigate to linked information such as that relating to WIP In/Outbound Orders, any +/- adjustments made or the aging profile of the held inventory.

INTIME FREIGHT Information Broker facilitates the seamless transfer of information between our core operation systems and the order management and resource planning systems of our clients around the world.
To enable sophisticated computerized communication between INTIME FREIGHT’s system and those of our customers, Information Broker has been designed to accommodate all the major industry message standards, protocols and communication methods commonly used, plus numerous individual client formats.
The Information Broker is part of a wider Contract Logistics Information System Suite that includes modules for Warehouse and Distribution Management. Each module may be deployed independently or in conjunction with Information Broker or other portfolio tools. This enables the covering of inventory and shipment visibility as well as Information Management and reporting. Dedicated support teams around the globe are on hand to monitor day-to-day activities. They also develop and integrate new file formats and interfaces. Using a standard portfolio of message types, new information and new interfaces can be readily mapped. These can be set-up to meet your individual needs including specific formats, conversions or additional article, even order related information such as special handling instructions, batch information or date reference.

This is a modular, functionally rich system that forms a core component of our global systems portfolio. Standardized and Interfaced IT System modules such as these allows our customers to be on one IT System platform worldwide.
INTIME FREIGHT Warehouse and Transportation Management Solution supports a wide range of clients across multiple industry sectors. It can be operated in a dedicated system or shared warehouse environment. The system has a comprehensive array of configuration options and the ability to define individual processes through which goods are handled within the warehouse. Installation can therefore be tailored to your individual needs and those of your products.
Support for the system is maintained centrally. We look after product development and project support. Product developments are regularly rolled up into structured and documented major releases. Sub-releases are used to fast-track priority or client-specific changes. This approach allows INTIME FREIGHT to keep full control of the module’s strategic direction while being able to respond rapidly to individual needs. It also means we can minimize drift and ensure that new functionality is made available to all users across the group. All relevant experience is available to our clients, adding value to the business and minimizing implementation lead-times and risks.

We combine warehousing, transportation, and value-added services to ensure a custom fit for your needs. Our contract logistics network is one of the largest in the world. We operate in multi-client and dedicated distribution centres. This global logistics network allows multi-national customers to tap into a single network for consistent, high-quality distribution services worldwide. All INTIME FREIGHT facilities share common processes and systems, ensuring that you receive reporting and billing in a standard format, as well as consistently excellent levels of customer service, wherever you happen to be. A single system interface simplifies all data exchange. We also offer locations globally that are authorized to handle bonded goods and liaise with customs officials.

INTIME FREIGHT is the single-source service provider for many customers with multiple distribution centre needs across the country, continent or globe. The company’s global network of multi-client distribution centres gives you unparalleled flexibility to manage your dynamic distribution requirements. Our Multi-Client warehouse solutions enables you to:

  • Access established facilities with networked communications
  • Quickly test markets based on business demand
  • Control warehouse costs by sharing overhead with other clients
  • Control manufacturing costs and reduce inventory by doing final product.

We can design solutions tailored to your unique needs with facilities, equipments and people dedicated to your business. This allows you to focus investments on supporting your core business. Our dedicated warehouse management solutions help you:

  • Reduce inventory through better supply chain planning
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Operational costs through efficient processes and targeted use of warehouse automation
  • Free Capital for strategic investments
  • Shift system upgrade costs to third party.

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