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Outbound Logistics

Our services cover all the logistics activities performed in the moving of goods from our warehouse, or a customer In-House site, to the goods’ next stop downstream in the logistics chain. Using advanced information systems, we provide additional value through:

  • Load Optimization
  • Network Analysis
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Management Reporting.

Our unbiased, objective approach allows INTIME FREIGHT to optimize the outbound material flow to maximize service reach and quality, and drive value for you.

  • Obtain visibility of your goods from end-to-end, maintaining control every step of the way.
  • Let us manage orders, pricing and shipments so you can concentrate on running your business.
  • Gain efficiency by our experience with consolidation, cross-docking and scheduling
  • Experience increased supply chain velocity and improved service

Our Outbound logistics capabilities include:

INTIME FREIGHT’s Vendor Management Inventory services drive pro-active and efficient supply logistics resulting in lower inventory levels, less obsolescence, increased efficiency, flexibility and predictability through visibility for vendors, value added production operations and final customers.

We provide a wide range of warehousing services for various industries worldwide-either in a multi-user or customer dedicated environment. Our global warehousing platform is based on a worldwide standardized warehouse and transportation management system suite. Together with our Information Broker Integration application our systems facilitate the seamless transfer of information. Our warehouse and inventory management services include all care and custody services. This ensures all material which is entrusted to INTIME FREIGHT’s care is stored and controlled in safe, commodity compliant and professional manner.

INTIME FREIGHT Production System is based on principles that include a focus on waste elimination in all aspects of the service delivery process, worker empowerment, management through visual controls and a dedication to total quality control. INTIME FREIGHT Production System ensures consistency in global operations, uniform measurement across all operations and respect for the environment to ensure that customers, no matter where they are encounter INTIME FREIGHT’s operations, always receive a uniformly high level of service.

With our kitting services we integrate various parts into a kit or package for further processing or shipment. Order Kitting services include simple placement of multiple parts in a container, simple assembly of items, packaging of items, etc along with the administrative functions that go with these types of actions.

For component based assembly requirements we offer light assembly and production operation services that transform less processed goods into finished or semi-finished goods.

INTIME FREIGHT’s outbound transport management services include the arrangement of shipping, air or land based transport. It covers all movement of our customers’ goods from our warehouses or operating facilities to their next stop in the supply chain. INTIME FREIGHT’s outbound transport services include transport planning, distribution service provider management, tracking and tracing, and most freight forwarding services for international shipments, reporting etc.

We provide freight audit and payment services to our customers to ensure that they pay the correct amount for the transport services received. Freight audit and payment services include invoice reviews, demurrage charges reviews, KPI reviews etc

With our many years of experience in cross-border trade, INTIME FREIGHT can provide you with all required services to move your goods across international borders-services such as customs document preparation and delivery, management of actual clearance process, import document preparation etc.

INTIME FREIGHT’s Web-Based Login Suite gives you full visibility to inventory at rest or in motion, allowing you to monitor and control where your goods or orders are.

Customer Service Management Services of INTIME FREIGHT include all On-Site help desk services, customer care centre operations, and field service support activities.

PoD Services are provided by INTIME FREIGHT to our customers to ensure that products are delivered to the correct destinations. Proof of Delivery Management services include the collection of signatures at time of delivery, reporting of delivery, scanning of delivery documents, managing carrier delivery performance etc.

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