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Packaging Solutions

INTIME FREIGHT offers professional packaging solutions in 9 different product categories through its packaging solution centre.

The backbone of our packaging solutions is our In-House packaging experts who solely focus on the development, design and execution of packaging concepts. This professional knowledge combined with INTIME FREIGHT’s global footprint enables us to deliver high quality packaging solutions on a global scale.

The benefits of professional packaging solutions are:

Professional packaging protect goods and materials from damage, loss, corrosion and theft

Cost Reduction

Professional packaging solutions are a key element for a cost reduction-eg, lower packaging material consumption, better transport utilization and reduced damages

Professional Packaging Solutions help to preserve our environment by responsible use of raw materials and introduction of innovative and environmentally sound concepts.

Our packaging solutions centre offers 9 different products enabling us to design solutions tailored to your requirements. For each of the products we have In-House experts who bring in their vast experience in order to ensure the success of our project-from the design of the packaging to the final delivery of your freight. Our packaging products include:

  • Wood Packaging
  • Paperboard Packaging
  • (Sea) Container Packaging
  • Corrosion Packaging
  • Plastic Packaging
  • CKD Packaging
  • Dangerous Goods Packaging
  • (Air) Temperature Controlled Packaging
  • Returnable Packaging.

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