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Corporate Governance

Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd has excellent recording and administrative systems and regularly reviews staff competence. We monitor levels of client care on a regular basis, particularly where there is any evidence of client misunderstanding regarding the services, systems and advice process of our advisers and member firms.

Good communication with our customers provides a better understanding of their requirements and ultimately builds trust between customers, network and advisers. Flow of information between the network, its member firms and their customers.

It is important that customers understand the nature of the services being offered and how they pay for them.

The network and its members offer a choice of fees and/or commission and always agree any fee charged before commencement of the work. If additional charges are to be incurred, then this is agreed and explained to the customer before the work is carried out. If the customer wishes to pay for their fee by allowing the retention of any commission payments, such amounts are offset against fees, always refunding any difference to the client.

We maintain adequate records to account for client’s monies and invoices raised. We are always open with our clients and will, if relevant, communicate with them on any matter that might affect them.

It is important that we keep accurate and adequate records of customer needs and instructions at each stage of the sales process. It’s also important that the administration of a client’s transactions is carried out efficiently. Accurate records are kept to record advice and information given and received. If a customer requires information, we will be open and responsive to their request, replying in a timely manner.

We will be mindful of the need to review customer information to ensure its accuracy and to comply with the Data Protection Act. This will enable us to respond fairly to our customers in the unfortunate event of a customer dispute.

We will be open in our complaint handling procedures and inform  customers of areas outside of their complaint if applicable, where we have discovered errors of which they may not be aware.

A complaint does not automatically lead to compensation, putting the matter right and offering an apology may often be more than enough. Customers readily accept that errors occur and in many cases are gratified that a firm will accept that they are fallible and keen to rectify the situation.

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