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Our Green Program

INTIME FREIGHT is able to establish a plan to provide energy savings and lifecycle cost estimates for various energy cost reduction measures with a high potential for effective implementations. These measures range from large scale introduction of solar heating and day lighting options to smaller items like changing light bulbs and adding motion-sensor vending misers to vending machines. Each item lists projected costs and the rate of return based on energy cost reduction.

INTIME FREIGHT is going green. The environment is something each one of us has to take responsibility for. We understand that shipping and the carbon emissions it produces have a tremendous impact on the planet. In order to slow down or reverse the negative effects we have on the environment. We all have to do what we can. It’s a great undertaking and we are working each day to add components to our Green Program that will make a significant change.

We truly believe that this effort must be made as a company and through educating our staff to make changes at home as well. The efforts we have made so far in our corporate office have already lowered our energy consumption by 20% per month. This energy savings was made possible through minor technical equipment replacement, energy saving modes being used on computers and monitors, as well as switching off power trips when equipment is not in use and turning off lights when not in a room. We have also changed thermostat settings to reduce our use of gas and electricity. Several of our managers have moved to using floor and desk lamps with CFL bulbs Vs using overhead lighting or together we have a recycling program in place of paper and cardboard as well as for aluminum cans. We also have begun recycling all used computer equipment. We are using recycled cartridges as well whenever possible.

We have moved to using technology to reduce our paper consumptions. We are using shared file storage instead of printing out all of our documents. We have also switched from fax machines to e-faxing for additional reductions in paper as well as toner cartridges. We have moved closer to a paperless office and adding more pallet jacks to our warehouse to reduce forklift use. We will also be installing programmable thermostats.

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