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Custom Booth Rentals

INTIME FREIGHT also has a design team that can help you develop your company’s vision of a trade show booth into a custom exhibit booth rental.

INTIME FREIGHT is skilled in developing imaginative, realistic exhibit booths at a competitive price. A custom exhibit booth rental from INTIME FREIGHT lets you have customer control over important factors such as finished exhibit design style, laminate or fabric colours, lighting and flooring. We will work with you to develop a high quality product within your budget range. To set your exhibit display aside from the crowd, INTIME FREIGHT has the ability to highlight your custom tradeshow booth with eye catching graphics.

Renting a custom tradeshow exhibit has several advantages for the busy exhibitor. INTIME FREIGHT will start working with your company early so all details are settled long before the show moves-in. Direct communication and expert tradeshow professionals help offer stress free exhibiting. INTIME FREIGHT takes care of all your logistical shipping of booth materials as well as set up and dismantles your booth before the show opens. We are capable of handling most aspects of your tradeshow demands.

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