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Not only do exhibitors generate more sales leads than any other sales tools, apart from Companies’ own website, they also close sales effectively, help maximize your future pipeline and speed up the sales process. Even in the internet age, when information is easier to come by, you’re more likely to secure a deal face to face at an exhibition.

And when times are hard, exhibitions work harder for your marketing budget than any other media. Not only at an exhibition can you generate direct sales while simultaneously enhancing your brand image, launching new products, researching your market, building your prospect database and maintaining relationships with your existing customers

INTIME FREIGHT events deliver more business opportunities and more value as below:

  • Value Stand Packages tailored to your needs and budget
  • Powerful Online Matching tools to put you in direct touch with the right people before and after the event
  • Export Experts to advise you on exhibiting abroad
  • Online Manuals to help make the exhibiting process easier.

{slider Tips to Success}

Exhibitions are one of the most powerful, versatile and cost effective marketing tools available. With years of experience, INTIME FREIGHT will closely work with you to help make yours a success. To start with here are our top tips for maximizing your return on investment:

  • Set Clear, Measurable Objectives. Are you focusing on sales leads, a new product launch, penetrating a new market, or customer loyalty?
  • Discuss your options with us. From product display stand to event sponsorships, we can help you decide what configurations best suits your objectives.
  • Appoint an Exhibition Coordinator. To maximize efficiency, appoint one person with overall responsibility for planning and budgeting.
  • Read the Manual. Our comprehensive exhibitor manuals will save you time and money, plus help you enjoy a hassle free exhibition
  • Prepare a detailed Budget. Allocate funds upfront to cover stand design costs and marketing collateral to ensure you have everything you need
  • Invite Customers and Prospectors. Sending tickets to your own network is the single most effective way of generating business
  • Promote yourself Online. Most visitors pre-plan their visits on the event website, so use our website advertising options to let them know you’re there
  • Create a High Impact Stand. Keep your key messages brief, bold and relevant to your customers needs
  • Train and Motivate your Stand Staff. Get your best people on to the stand, as their performance is central to the success of your exhibition
  • Chase Up your Leads. You will collect leads and contacts during the event. So be sure to contact them promptly after the show.

{slider Grow Internationally}

Exhibiting abroad is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to reach new exports customers and rapidly grow your business. We are your trusted partners in boosting your international sales. Every year, we assist several companies with the implementation of the export strategies, resulting in billions of dollars of export business. With agents in over 50 Countries, our local market experts can offer you relevant, up-to-the minute guidance on doing business in your target market. Their purpose is to assist you avoid the common pitfalls of overseas exhibiting and enable you to enjoy a profitable, trouble-free experience.

Our Export Experts can help you to:

  • Chose the right event to meet your export objectives and alert you to relevant market and event opportunities that arise globally
  • Find the best route to the market either alone, or as part of a trade association, group or national pavilion
  • Overcome Language Barriers with a bi-lingual staff. We can help avoid misunderstandings or over foreign contracts or event details
  • Organize your Participation. We provide full support covering everything from marketing your business, to organizing logistics and making travel arrangements
  • Deal with any problems On-Site. We have experienced representatives available at the show who can assist you with any issues that could affect your participation in the event.


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