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Exhibit Sales

Modular Booth Sales

INTIME FREIGHT has developed modular tradeshow exhibits booth packages for sale that work for many applications. We offer modular booth sales to accommodate exhibitors who need 10 by 10 or 10 by 20 exhibit.

INTIME FREIGHT has designed our modular booth sales packages to provide any exhibitor with all the essentials needed for exhibiting at an economical price point. Our modular booth designs are easily personalized to your company’s specifics with an array of different colours and finishes. Modular booths designs are easily ordered and usually produced within 30 days or less. We have standard pricing based on your choices and can quote a price for one of our packages usually within the same day as the request.

Not sure you want to purchase? Many times we have some of our modular booth designs available for rentals. You can get that custom booth look without the custom booth price. Whether you purchase or rent, our modular booth exhibits come standard with lights and have the option to come with carpet, graphics and furniture depending on your needs. INTIME FREIGHT always gives the option for adding or removing a wide variety of accessories and options

Custom Booth Sales

INTIME FREIGHT offers all of our standard exhibit booth designs as well as custom designs for purchase. The largest advantage to purchasing an exhibit booth is that financially it is ultimately less expensive to own your booth, and can use the same design several times. The exhibit booth display is available to you for any tradeshow throughout the year you are involved in. Your company could take the advantage of INTIME FREIGHT Storage facilities. If the initial expenditure is preventing your company from making a tradeshow booth purchase, INTIME FREIGHT can work with your company offering several rent-to-own, lease-purchase and other payment plans for your tradeshow exhibit booth purchase.

Additionally, you have the customer control over important factors like finished exhibit design, style, laminate or fabric colours, lighting and flooring. We work with you to develop a high quality product within your budget range. INTIME FREIGHT is available to design and produce new tradeshow graphics and provide maintenance to your booth as needed.

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