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Tradeshow Shipping

In order to have a great tradeshow experience, you need to make sure your exhibit makes it to the show. This is a guide to help you in the process.

Getting Your Freight to the Show On Time

Make sure your crates and cartons standout on the show floor. All crates can be dull and similar and in many cases can be misplaced on the show floor. Pick an outstanding color or even a corporate color combination and paint the corners of your crates to identify amongst the sea of wood that this crate of yours. Any creative coloring ideas can be used, right down to painting the whole thing.

Identify your crates and boxes so that describing them is easier. Once your color coordinates your pieces, a few may still be similar in size and type. This is where a clear description is required. A funny way to identify each piece is to give them a name. Big crates can have burly names and small cartons can have something more appropriate for their size. They can be named after your staff or even named after favorite famous people. You can keep them all guessing by giving them names that are totally made up to make them truly your own.

Packing will only last so long. Boxes should only be realistically used for one round trip, and a new carton used for your next event. Crates will last longer but need to inspected and repaired before they are used again. Remember crates are designed to protect the contents. Dings and cracks and dents will happen as they do their work protecting what is inside.

If you have multiple labels on your pieces, then any freight handler may not know which the current one to be using is. Freight can be sent to the location that you just shipped back from if it’s not perfectly clear which label is providing the current address or shipping information.

If you are using your own plasma monitors, make sure that they are packed in heavy anvil type containers specifically designed for shipping these types of fragile glass screens. Many companies exclude plasma monitors from their shipping insurance liabilities. Ensure that you insure you high value product from the moment it leaves your door until it returns back home.

Learn How to Complete the Material Handling Form (MHA Bill of Lading, Shipping Form, Airway Bill) before the show ends. This is the most important document that you need to complete to ensure that your freight is shipped according to your wishes. Above all, never leave it sitting on a crate inside your booth. You must turn it into the exhibitor service centre once your entire shipment is packed and ready to ship. Write in your carrier’s name in the box provided on the MHA. It may be hard to find, but you can always ask your assigned exhibition freight representative to assist you with any type of general contract paperwork that needs to be completed.

Its easy with INTIME FREIGHT. Your assigned representative will pre-print a complete set of address labels and booth number labels for both the inbound and outbound shipping of your show. Also our bright pink labels will assist in identifying your pieces from proper shipping. Put a label on each piece of freight because even though you have wrapped into a skid, often times the skid is broken apart. No label, no delivery. Also don’t count your skid as one piece, because that is all anyone would be responsible for. If there is 10 pieces on the skid, count it as 10 pieces shipped on the skid.

You can save a lot of money by using interlocking carpet panels. You don’t need carpet pad, or high rental costs as you can reuse these panels over and over again and ship them in a 2x2 shipping case instead of a 10ft long roll. It’s easier to ship, cost less and ride on more carriers to get to its destination safely and on time.

This detail information is invaluable in providing an accurate description of individual pieces that you may be trying to locate for any reason. Have the dimensions and weight permanently written on the outside of each box or carton. You would be surprised how many freight handlers will just estimate the size and weight of your shipment and freight. Overestimating increases your freight rates and charges and your drayage costs. Freight handlers will use your figures and record that to your shipment paperwork. Be accurate. If you try to be cute here, it would work against you. Supply your shipping representative, installation and dismantle reps, exhibition managers and anyone who will be handling your freight. This will help eliminate the possibility of your freight being forced at any show. It also allows your carrier to be able to contact you at any time in order to make any necessary changes or authorizations. As an added measure, put your 800 number with an afterhours extension on your cases and shipping crates.

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