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With a comprehensive menu of logistics services, INTIME FREIGHT can move your goods globally; from factory to store .Our Unsurpassed global presence enables us to supply both inbound services to the manufacturing site, and a comprehensive range of storage, handling and distribution services for finished goods to get them to the market, wherever your market may be.

We provide consistently high quality logistics services to leading FMCG Companies worldwide. We offer:

  • Warehousing
  • Co-Packing
  • Pooling and Collaboration
  • Sustainability-A Business Fundamental

INTIME FREIGHT also has its own well-developed environmental policy and sustainability strategies. We have adopted many environmentally sensitive approaches to business, such as building design, energy recovery, waste avoidance and other techniques.

We have a comprehensive range of storage and handling facilities, ranging from conventional ambient wide aisle platforms to highly automated warehouses with cold chambers. What is more, our handling systems are able to process continuous high volume flows, ranging from bulk pallet loads of single products down to individual items. And because we also understand the retail market, we can manage multiple outbound pallet configurations for the varying specifications of different retailers.

We have the skills and experience to reliably handle the Co-Packing requirements demanded by today’s market. The possibilities are almost limitless: We can build and stock special display stands, or create new single-pack combinations by shrink-wrapping several products together, to name just two. Whatever your needs, our expert teams can respond rapidly so that sales are not lost and consumers can take full advantage of offers.

INTIME FREIGHT, as one of the first providers to introduce true pooling operations, is a global leader in this field. We continue to lead the way by expanding our innovative approach to pooling. Benefits include not only lower logistics costs, brought about by dramatic increases in warehouse and vehicle utilization, but also increased stock velocity and better support of promotional activity. Customer satisfaction levels have also improved.

INTIME FREIGHT’s Operating processes are already focused on efficiency, which in turn delivers immediate environmental benefits. For example, pooling volumes can measurably deliver substantial reductions in fuel consumption and a company’s carbon footprint.

INTIME FREIGHT also has its own well-developed environmentally policy and sustainability strategy. We have adopted many environmentally sensitive approaches to business, such as building design, energy recovery, waste avoidance and other techniques.

We provide on-the-ground support at origin to handle the movement of goods direct from the factory, if necessary. Our Company services include:

Vendor Management

We work closely with FMCG Vendors to ensure they clearly understand your business requirements, including administrative processes, communication standards and physical goods flow.

Container Loading

By colour or size depending on how the consignee wants to receive the goods.


Reduce freight costs by consolidating multiple vendors’ product into one shipment.

International Transportation

During peak seasons, importers can have difficulty getting carrier capacity. Our shipment volumes, together with strong partnerships with carriers, gives you access to multiple sailings and flights per week-a long with an ample supply of equipment-for maximum flexibility: This eliminates the need to manage minimum quality commitments with each steamship line.


We have all the necessary services to process goods efficiently through the port and to the customer.

Capabilities include:

Customs Brokerage

Range of basic and value-added services to move your shipments through customs quickly and efficiently. Skilled customs professionals can access documents while goods are in transit, allowing either customs pre-clearance (in some markets) or completion of customs documentation prior to arrival.

Deconsolidation/Direct-to-Store Delivery

Import deconsolidation services and ability to cross dock and ship products to your regional distribution centres or direct to store, reducing transit times and eliminating touch points.

INTIME FREIGHT manages an In-Place global network of distribution centres for companies with a need for a high-performance, flexible distribution infrastructure.

Our services include:

Pre-Retailing, Value-Added Services

Variety of Value-Added Services-Ticketing, Labeling, Kitting, Pop Display building-that enables movement of store-ready goods to the retail floor.

Seasonal Storage

Global network of Multiple-Client warehouses that can serve as your virtual DC network for unusual demand spikes, operating under short-term contract, you pay only for the space and labour you use in a given month, turning fixed-capital costs into a variable expense that parallels your revenue stream.

Temperature-Controlled Operations

Variety of temp-controlled facilities, including chilled, ambient and frozen.

INTIME FREIGHT can manage all your outbound transportation needs, matching the physical movement of goods with near-real-time information on the status of your orders and inventory, down to the product ID/SKU level. We provide:

Network Optimization

Application of tools to design and validate an optimal retail warehouse and transportation network.

Multi-Modal analysis & Carrier Selection

Non-Asset based approach to carrier selection, leveraging our relationships and volumes with reliable carriers of all modes to create the best match with your cost and service requirements.

Store Deliveries

Efficient management of store shipments in a high-volume, high-speed environment. Experience with specific requirements of retail distribution, including sequential loading of trucks for milk runs, coordination to meet tight shipment windows and creation and transmittal of advance shipping notices.

INTIME FREIGHT understands the specific demands of the FMCG Market. Having worked with many of the world’s leading brands for many years, we have built considerable knowledge and expertise. As well as substantial ability in national markets we have the global resources to ensure your brands are looked after wherever your markets extend.

All our Integrated Logistics Solutions are Customer Specific, individually designed and implemented to meet precise requirements. That said, our global IT and process standards, located in shared environments, enables leveraging on cost and best practices across a large panel of FMCG products.

Within the FMCG Industry Logistics Solutions provides innovative supply chain management services to meet supply chain challenges globally.

Integrated Logistics Solutions enables the outsourcing of Logistics Management and execution functions within a collaborative environment, leading to:

  • Improved service levels and traceability
  • Reduced transport, warehousing, management and supplier related cost
  • Best practice sharing and continuous improvement
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Reduced environmental externalities.

With our ever-broadening expertise, we have the strategies to help you reduce costs and increase production and distribution efficiency.

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