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General Cargo

In a nut shell, we offer good quality general cargo services at competitive price. Our general cargo solutions offers you reliable, On-time airport-to-airport delivery-ideal for consolidated shipments and an extensive range of options is also available to suit all types of shipments, loose, bulk or customs-build. Track & Trace is possible 24/7 through our website, providing transparency into our reliability.

Most cargo carried by air originates from specific market segments, each with its own specific requirements and priorities. We offer a range of products tailored to meet these varying needs. Each of these segments has its own typical logistical characteristics.

Once your every day cargo business is taken care of, you might want to look further-at supply chain. That is why we have developed specific approaches for each segment. In this way we can meet the typical logistical characteristics of your industry while at the same time addressing your special requirements and priorities. We offer dedicated teams for each industry. Teams that understand trends and dynamics of your industry as well as you do. We can combine service and expertise in a tailor-made solution just for you. So, for every situation, we have a product or service to match.

Does your shipment require specialized handling? Go for Variation. Variation is the most reliable way of transporting your outsize or unusual shipments or highly variable products. Whatever it is, we have the expertise to ship it. We have variations for art, extremely large or heavy shipments, dangerous goods, perishable goods, live animals, pharmaceuticals, valuable goods and all types of vehicles. All variations come with their own specialized handling and loading procedures, as well as extra attention from its staff, all of whom are specially trained to meet you and your shipment’s-specific needs.

Cohesion offers you a complete, top-quality solution. Designed to meet your specific requirements and based on open communication between shipper and cargo airlines, and with a VIP service from a dedicated team. Cohesion offers you all benefits of our extended product portfolio. Cohesion means that everything can be customized. From handling procedures to contracting, booking acceptance, handling, packaging, palletizing, ramp handling and more. We will even arrange for freight stops if needed. Our dedicated airfreight cargo handling team does everything possible to ensure that your shipments fly as booked. This means no worries for you. Our Superior Service Quality ensures:

  • Minimum delays, because of high priority loading
  • Guaranteed reliability through the standard cohesion features that also ensures highest quality of service
  • Step-by-Step Monitoring and regular performance reporting to keep you informed
  • Shorter Transit & Import times
  • Quick recovery procedures if needed

To meet your Supply Chain Management as efficiently as possible, we offer solutions to meet all your capacity requirements. Whether you know well in advance when you want to ship, or if you need some extra flexibility.

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