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Hotel Logistics

Hotel Logistics is a highly innovative, special services division of INTIME FREIGHT, providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to the time-critical supply chain challenges of the hospitality industry.

The company specialists design, develop and execute logistics solutions for luxury hotels and casino projects. We support new builds and refurbishments, as well as providing sophisticated replenishment services.

The company maintains relationships with 5 star hotel operations, hospitality procurement companies and luxury amenity distributors. Our customers testify that we stand out as the most professional and knowledgeable freight forwarder in the market. We have to ensure that our customers are making the right choice of logistics partner, and we do this by delivering a consistently reliable and high quality service. As a leading global logistics provider, INTIME FREIGHT delivers one of the broadest service ranges in the industry and is the undisputed market leader in the realm of Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment (FF&E) Installations.

Over the years, several thousand guest rooms have been installed by our Hotel Logistics experts. We pride ourselves on our unique service portfolio which includes:

  • Logistics Management for hotel opening and refurbishment projects
  • Supply chain management, warehousing and distribution for amenity programs

Hotel Logistics in alignment with the INTIME FREIGHT Environmental Policy is committed to offering environmentally sound, sustainable and innovative supply chain solutions that continually reduce our impact on the environment. Sustainability considerations are an integral part of our strategy and decision making.

Experts in Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Suppliers and Equipment.

A hotel opening is a complex operation; one step in preparation of a hotel is placing numerous purchase orders with suppliers worldwide. To ensure that the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Suppliers and Equipment (OS&E) are delivered and installed, transportation must be optimally coordinated, meet rigorous packing requirements, and ensure that the right goods arrive at the right site and at the right time.

Our hotel logistics experts specialize in designing and managing these complex processes. We support customers on Five Continents. We design transport models; assist with freight budgets to balance business objectives with cost effective with cost effective, executable operational plans. Our project management team leverage complex consolidation opportunities to ensure maximum supply chain efficiency. The project might be a mega-casino, a boutique hotel or just a mock-up room. Regardless of the scale or the location, we invite you to benefit from our experience and professionalism.

We coordinate projects, while project managers and our mobile FF&E Installation teams are dispatched around the world to provide On-Site assistance and hands-on management.

Our experienced hotel logistics staff specializes in supply luxury toiletries, guest amenities and spa products to the 5 star hospitality markets on demand worldwide.

Our customized logistics solutions support room replenishment requirements such as cosmetics and personal-care accessories, food and beverage items, and textiles and disposable items.

Our services include:

  • Demand forecast
  • Cargo collection from manufacturer, transfer to regional distribution centres
  • Customs clearance
  • Re-Packing
  • International transportation by road, rail, sea and air
  • Stock replenishment from one centralized warehouse
  • Comprehensive worldwide supply chain coordination and distribution via our global network of regional distribution centres
  • Proprietary warehouse management and inventory control systems, providing guaranteed, usage-determined and occupancy-related amenity handling; weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Online Web-Shop solutions that reduce administrational overheads. Each hotel places purchase orders and can immediately access specific product information

INTIME FREIGHT’s global network of dedicated regional distribution centres for guest amenities span all over the world.


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