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Kenyans Abroad

Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd understands that we are not just moving your office, business or households from one continent to another; your life will be changing too. With everything you have to think about, you shouldn’t have to worry about the move itself. Let Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd help! We have a dedicated crew of friendly and professional removalists who can help make your interstate move as stress free as possible.

Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd has regular direct containerized services to/from all state capitals. These offers a most cost effective and secure method of moving your household effects internationally. Just pick what sort of service you require:

For those on a tight budget Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd can have the container dropped off at your place, (space permitting) for you to load at your own pace.

Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd can also supply all the packing materials and all the “how to” hints you could need. We then pick up the container through our global agent network and deliver it to your new residence Kenya for you to unpack at your own time. Be warned, this can be hard work.

Pack your own boxes but let Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd pack your fragiles, wrap your furniture, and then safely load everything. At your new destination, we will place your furniture and let you unpack at your own unstressed pace.

Would you like Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd to pack and wrap everything? No problem. At the other end we can fully unpack and unwrap, letting you get on with the things you need to do.

Our Premium Personal service includes Pre-Move meetings. Photographs of layouts of ornaments and books so as our crews can set everything up in your new home. On the day of your shift, meet our crew at the start of the day, then let Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd representative take you out for coffee. A couple of hours later go back to visit our crew to see how there are doing just for your peace of mind. Then spend the rest of the day away for the ultimate stress free day.

The next day, one of our cleaning crews can tidy up, giving your old home to complete clean. At your new house, Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd can unload and set up to your pre-organized directions, unwrapping and giving the full valet service, our cleaners then give that final dust off, letting you walk in and put your feet up, all done!

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