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International Courier Services

INTIME FREIGHT is ready to pick up and deliver high priority packages, against critical deadlines anytime of the day or night, anywhere in the world. We serve Kenya same day and anywhere in the world in the next flight out. We operate 24hrs a day, Seven days a week because that is when our customers need us. Call us anytime, the experts in critical delivery are ready.

We offer professionalized and considerate services to our valued customers. Our customers mean a source of satisfaction to us, therefore we feel pride in giving utmost respect and care to them. INTIME FREIGHT is an international courier company with a complete testament to the viability of entrepreneurship worldwide. We have sufficient delivery capacity of documents and non documents worldwide and our entire data is properly computerized. Each and individual packet is properly manifested and injected into our airway bill system of which any delivery packet can be inquired anytime.

We offer very swift, reliable, secure and cost effective courier services at all strata of the society. Our foremost consideration in performing our duties is to provide door to door collection and delivery (mails/parcels) services to all local and international destinations.

We offer special tariff package for our corporate customers. We assure you that we would establish an excellent working relationship with your esteemed organization and provide you personal service. We endeavor to work round the clock to enhance our efficiency and proficiency all the time. We make our business to understand yours. In our delivering for you, we become a reliable partner with the expertise, resources and processes to assure the kind of support you need for worry free delivery and your peace of mind.

With an established worldwide delivery network, we are able to offer one of the fastest, flexible and most cost effective logistical services available. Since establishment, we have grown steadily, from a local courier company into one of the industries foremost independent leaders in Kenya and worldwide parcel distribution. We are expanded to offer the new services of overnight and international delivery logistics. We have constantly added new technology and services to our website while still keeping our prices extremely competitive making us leaders in worldwide parcel and package deliveries. Our expansion has included direct links with our agents, allowing our customers who place their parcel booking online, to have their airway bills and customs paperwork (where needed) automatically compiled and generated for them.

We are ready to send your package through a network of critical delivery paths that span the entire globe. We answer your questions about packaging and delivery, customs regulations and clearance. We guarantee that your package will be on the next flight out.

We specialize in the international movement of goods and documents whether using our international courier or freight services. You will find that we always apply the same highest level of care and attention to detail. Each team member is professionally trained in every aspect of international logistics in which we are involved. We are industry leaders in on time performance for both international and domestic consignments.

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