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Motor Vehicle Shipping

We are specialized in shipping motor vehicles from Kenya to worldwide destinations and vice versa. Selections of different car shipping options are available. Motor vehicles can be shipped in ‘sole use’ or shared containers or on the enclosed car decks of ocean going RORO car ferries.

Container car shipping encompasses a number of different options. We offer 20ft or 40ft FCL ‘sole use’ container services, with only your vehicle(s) in the container, to various parts worldwide. This involves your motor vehicle being secured within a container with straps and wheel chocks to hold it in place. You effectively pay for the sole use of the container, for your vehicle(s) only.

Your motor vehicle is loaded into the container and a crate is custom-built around it to protect your vehicle in transit. Your pay only for the space taken up within the container by your timber-framed motor vehicle. We then load the rest of the container with other goods (baggage, personal and household effects and furniture).

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A number of selected port destinations are also served by ocean going roll-on, roll-off (RORO) car ferry services. Such vessels are purpose-built car carriers, used by manufacturers to deliver brand new motor vehicles worldwide. Motor vehicles are protected from the elements in enclosed car decks and are secured by straps and chocks. Service frequency is usually once or twice a month, and the transit time is sometimes longer than for container vessels.

Our automotive specialists have been shipping vehicular products for decades and have fine tuned a number of options that will facilitate the smooth passage of your motor vehicle to destination. We will provide you with the expertise, guidance and a transport solution tailored to your requirements. Our professional handlers will store, load and secure your vehicle at our warehouse giving maximum security and protection. We will also provide full export documentation including comprehensive insurance cover.


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