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International Relocations

With Intime Freight Movers, Local as well as International Relocation programmes are becoming an increasingly sought after service in Kenya and around the globe. Many international companies believe in hiring locally and then exporting their well-trained employees to international locales. Employees are offered the opportunity of continuing to work for their company and, at the same time, going to where the jobs are and bringing their training with them.

Of course, the necessary international relocation requires meticulous planning and execution, as well as a conscientious follow-up service. To this end, the majority of companies will rely on a professional international relocation agency for assistance in moving their employees and a reliable freight and logistics company to handle the transportation of their employees’ belongings.

Part of international relocation that workers tend to be most excited about is the home search that literally opens up to them a whole new frontier. While a number of international relocation firms provide little more than the actual search and subsequent moving service, the elite services go a few steps further. Specifically in the case of repatriation, they may provide referrals to local advocates schooled in repatriation paperwork and overall legalities.

If you are looking for a shipping company with an impeccable reputation for reliability and service to help to move your employees- lock, stock and barrel to their new homes overseas, we would be delighted to assist. After all, an employee who is worried about whether their personal effects will arrive on time and all in order is less likely to hit the ground running and be productive at the company’s international branch. Since the whole goal of international relocation is the benefit that the company reaps from having a locally trained worker ready to assume duties in the international setting, only a premier local and international removals and relocations service provider should receive serious consideration.

Our full-service global mobility management meets your unique needs when moving families and business overseas. Our international relocation services include arranging sea freight or air freight and all of shipping documents. We will provide:-

  • Expert preparation of packing inventory
  • Packing supplies
  • Pick up from residence
  • Documentation
  • Container loading
  • Transport by sea, air or land
  • International insurance products

We guntee the best transit times for your international move by having a dedicated team to manage air and sea freight removals around the globe. Both our private and corporate clients increasingly prefer to use air removals for personal goods which are regarded as essential on arrival. The remaining goods can be shipped via the more economical sea freight.

When choosing a sea freight company, we take into account the route, harbours, the indicated transit time and the cost of the freight. With our dedicated and extended worldwide network, we can choose the most reliable freight companies for any destination.

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