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Commercial Moves

The Wide National Network:Planning, Project Management & Risk Assessment

Choosing the correct removal company for your office relocation is vital to the success of your impending commercial removal. As well as appointing the best mover you will need to decide just how much input you would like from that mover. You can decide if you would like a Project Managed move, or would you prefer to just know that on the day, a team of highly trained movers are going to arrive on time to efficiently and safely undertake the move for you. This is where Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd is unique. We have a nationwide chain of over 40 branches, all highly experienced in the handling of commercial removals from a single office environment, through to a Blue Chip company’s head office or even major hospitals. We have a wealth of experience in all of our depots throughout Kenya. We are able to co-ordinate the larger moves or long distance moves between our branches thereby guaranteeing only Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd Staff are deployed. All of the Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd branches are members of B.A.R. (British Association of Removers) who’s accredited and audited quality awards are ensuring a consistently high level of service and operational standards. We undertake Risk Assessments and advanced training to ensure the safety of our workers and yours throughout the moving process. As you can see, by entrusting Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd to handle your removal you will have made huge steps towards the completion of a successful commercial removal.

Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd fully understands just how important your IT systems are to the running of your company. It is because we recognize the fragility of computers and their components that we use the best methods and materials available for the protection and wrapping of these items. If you do not have your own IT technicians we can arrange the decommissioning of the IT equipment for you. Once your computers are decommissioned we would then pack the components into anti-static bags before packing them into Technoboxes or Computer Crates. If you have asked us to decommission your computers we would then re-commission them into their new positions, making sure that everything is working correctly ready for your employees to resume work on time. We can arrange your computers and other electrical equipment to be PAT tested prior to being reconnected at the new offices. However large or small your computer network, you can be sure that Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd has expertise and support structure in place to help keep downtime to a minimum and get your company back to work in the least possible time.

With Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd you can be confident that you have chosen a mover who will ensure that the protection of your premises can be an integral part of your relocation. The level of protection must be agreed with our surveyor in advance. Protective materials can be applied to agreed areas, in both origin and destination buildings, from the main doorways, along main walkways to the distribution points. Generally floor protection consists of a lightweight hard wearing cellular plastic sheet, or hardboard sheets taped in place to provide a protective barrier against dirt and dust in carpeted areas and scratches or tears to vinyl coverings. In the case of marble floors or similar highly polished surfaces a cushioned membrane can be applied between the floor and the protective sheet. Vertical surfaces such as walls, lifts, glass panels/screens or stairways can be covered with either padded paper blankets or protective sheeting. Both types of protection are held in place with low adhesion masking tape. Doors and frames can be protected with custom made padded nylon protectors, held in place using spring clips or “Velcro” straps. This type of protection enables full, unobstructed use of doorways at all times. Upon completion of the move all the materials will be removed from the buildings.

Most offices and commercial properties have to be cost effective in their use of available space. The mandatory record keeping requirements and the need to keep client records for the long term can often mean bulk filing areas are required. Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd can assist with freeing up space in your own premises by taking your paperwork into off site archive storage. Our archive storage units are purpose built, safe and secure. A wide range of options are available to suit your specific needs. Some clients are moving towards electronic storage using document scanning to produce the ‘paperless office’ whilst others require storage of hard copy, which may need to be retrieved within hours or days, or alternatively may not be touched for years. Our Archive Management teams will be able to find the best, most cost effective solution for you. At Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd we aim to make access to stored documentation swift and flexible in line with the demands of the modern business environment. Our fully integrated retrieval systems, keen response times and distribution methodologies are designed to suit the needs of your business in any circumstance.

Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd will be delighted that you have chosen Kenya’s leading commercial mover. Upon contact with your Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd member, a removal coordinator will orchestrate every aspect of your move through all further stages. Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd have the depth of experience, sound advice and practical assistance to help you enjoy a smooth seamless transition from your existing premises to your new office anywhere in the Kenya and worldwide. Removals, storage and international shipping Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd.

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