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Returning Residence

This is a person changing residence from a place outside Kenya to a place within Kenya where that person has been residing outside Kenya for a period of at least two years and has not resided in Kenya for a period (s) amounting in aggregate to ninety days or more within the two years immediately before this return to Kenya.

A returning resident may import one exempt motor vehicle (“ excluding buses and minibuses of seating capacity of more than 13 passengers and load carrying capacity exceeding two tones”) provided that:

  • The person has attained the age of eighteen years and
  • The motor vehicle was used by him outside Kenya for at least three hundred and sixty five days (excluding the period of voyage in the case of shipment)
  • The motor vehicle is owned and registered in his name and/or his spouse and where the motor vehicle is purchased on hire purchase terms and delivery taken at least three hundred and sixty five days prior to importation.
  • The owner must have stayed in the foreign country for more than two years.

The regulations for exporting cars to Kenya still apply; hence the vehicles have to meet the age limit set by the government. The vehicles need to be inspected by JEVIC or other International Inspection Institutions authorized by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. The vehicle should not be LHD.

Documentation required for clearing the vehicles:-

  • Original passport to confirm the above.
  • Vehicle log book to confirm the above
  • Bill of loading/Airway Bill for sea or air freight shipment respectively
  • Pre Inspection Certificate
  • Certificate of Roadworthiness
  • Deregistration Certificate
  • KRA pin card.

Intime Freight & Cargo Services Ltd is able to assist in the clearance of such motor vehicles once the above mentioned conditions are met.

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