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Fuel Surcharge on:

International Routes (all countries apart from Kenya)

USD 0.70 per kg - applicable to General Cargo, Human Remains, Dangerous goods, all Live animals- including live tropical fish, crabs and lobsters):  

USD 0.60 per kg - Perishable Cargo (fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and fish):

Domestic Cargo (within Kenya)
USD 0.47 per kg - This includes perishable, general cargo, Human remains, and dangerous goods, all live animals including live tropical fish, crabs and lobster.

Other Surcharges - This apply to all countries
Insurance surcharge USD 0.05 per kg
Screening Fee USD 0.02 per kg + 16% VAT
Handling Fee USD 0.05 per kg + 16% VAT
Airway Bill Fee USD 10.0 per shipment
Documentation USD 20.0 per shipment + 16% VAT
Customs Fee USD 10.0 per shipment + 16% VAT

All surcharges are only applicable to cargo originating from Kenya.

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